One of the reasons why Emma Watson is one of the best female role-models of our time. She’s so underrated.


welcome to womens clothing where the sizes are made up and the measurements don’t matter

Anonymous said: Why don't you use capital letters?


the kids on tumblr are more receptive to text posts that lack proper capitalization and I am a businessman


whats the meaning of life? son, its those little tiny pumpkins. the ones that are mad small.  you know the ones i mean. 

❝ Nice Woman is Rejected Multiple Times. Does Not Gain Homicidal Urges. ❞
- potential Onion headline (via pansexualpagan)

Benvolio: In love?
Romeo: Out.
Benvolio: Of love?
Romeo: Out of her favor where I am in love.
Benvolio: *looks into the camera like he's on The Office*


being genderless literally can be dated back to mesopotamia and there are still people who act like its an internet fad thats just incredible to me


Sex is a lot like science class, you experiment, wear lab coats, Bill Nye is there.